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Our clients benefit from our experience with tires and prep.

Perfect Bite Tire Solutions:

We will work with you to tailor your tire program for the track conditions you will encounter and the classes that you choose to participate in. This starts with choosing the correct tire profile or shape, followed by the recommended rubber thickness to help you maximize speed by generating the needed bite with the least amount of rolling resistance.

We feel it is crucial to match the profile and shape to your situation because too many try and run the same shape and/or same thickness no matter whether they are running Rookie or High Horsepower adult classes and that just isn’t what we find to be best.

The Perfect Bite Prep Line is specially formulated and named for each track condition. We have you covered from soft cold dirt tracks all the way to high biting southern dirt and everything in between. We use the best chemicals in our products and then mix the chemicals to control the absorption rate into the tire as well as the bite agent for each application. We also carry and use some of the household names and provide directions and technical support for you to properly read the tracks and use the right prep on race day.

We pride ourselves in not just telling our clients “what” to do to their tires but go much further by teaching them “why” they are making the changes and adjustments that we recommend. This includes what type of tire, what thickness, hardness and what type and application of prep is best suited for the situation you are facing.

The KKS Perfect Bite Tire Solutions, that include our proprietary line of Preps, Tire Cutting, Mounting, Balancing, Sizing and Resurfacing. All are part of the service we offer.

We consult with our clients on the best tire profile for your track, class and specific application.

Tire Prepping Service:

We offer a full service Tire Prepping service for the racer that wants to show up to the track and race without having to do the additional work during the week.

We will discuss with you where you will be racing and then determine the best tire preparation work that needs to be done so all you have to do is bolt the tires on and add the correct PRW based on our recommendation.

Tire Cutting:

Tire cutting services, we do it for every type of chassis racing today. We know what type of cuts work and when to use them. No matter what chassis you race, we can get your cutting needs handled.

The chassis is greatly effected by the tire choices and tire cutting methods as well as the tire balance.
Tire Mounting / Balancing:

We offer tire mounting & balancing services as well as shrinking and stretching of tires. Just the procedure used to mount a new tire can greatly effect how that tire will perform over it's lifetime.

Stretching for example the bead of the tire, can cause issues that will effect the consistency of the tire. Over inflating of tires during the mounting process can cause a big difference in the final stagger of a set of tires.

Tire Prep:

Choosing and using the right preps and procedures to use them is where we excel. We use our many years of experience to supply our clients with the right products and methods of application for their use.

We also offer advice on the decisions on what should be used and we will educate our clients on why we make our recommendations.

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